Dr. Ying Wu, D.D.S.
Member of American Dental Association
Member of California Dental Association
Member of Los Angeles Dental Association
Gentle Family & Cosmetic Dentistry
Orthodontics & Invisalign
Adults & Children
12651 Lakewood Blvd., #101
Downey, CA 90242
Tel: (562) 904-1150

Our Mission:
To Provide Top Quality, Comfortable & Affordable Dental Care to Your Entire Family

Open: 8:30AM-5:30PM, Monday, Tuesday & Thursday
8:30AM-4PM, Saturday
Friday Appoin
tments Available
FREE Parking

Family Dentistry
Natural Color Fillings and Cleanings • Root Canal Treatment and Extractions
Crowns and Bridges • Partials & Full Dentures
Wisdom Teeth and Periodontics and Emergency Care

Cosmetic Dentistry
Veneers, Bonding, and White Fillings • Teeth Whitening

Traditional Orthodontics (Braces)
 Invisalign (Invisible Braces/ Wireless Braces)

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For Your Protection
We Sterilize All Instruments & Hand Pieces

We accept:
 Medi-Cal & Healthy Families
Most Insurance Plans & Union Insurance Plans
Payment Plans & Credit Cards

{Se Habla Español}

Office Location:
(the south-west corner of Lakewood Blvd and Imperial Highway)

                          Direction: 1)  From the 605 Freeway, get onto the West-bound 105 Freeway and exit
                                                   at Lakewood Blvd, to the north.
                                           2)  From the 5 Freeway, exit at Lakewood Blvd, to the south for
                                                   about 3 miles.
                                           3)  From the 710 Freeway, get into East-bound 105 Freeway and exit
                                                   at Lakewood Blvd, to the north.


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            If you have any questions, please call us at (562)904-1150
Thank you for visiting.